No "Next" Generation

If children are seen as second class believers, it establishes earthly parameters of how the Spirit can use them. From what I have read and continued to notice in Scripture is quite the opposite.

The Practice of Play & Gifts

Play is where gifts are grown and matured. A child's skills can be sharpened by their peers, who note a different way to accomplish a task, which they try and figure out together. A child's skills can be fine-tuned by an older observer offering simple direction as play is at hand.

Am I Convinced?

There are numerous times within my faith journey that I have wrestled with what it means to be a Christ follower. And with each wrestling, I go back to reading the Gospels and ask myself, "Am I convinced that the Gospel stories true?"

Upcoming Children's Series

The blank pages of my journal stared at me as I waited on the Lord. He gently whispered to me about the next generation. Not a generation rising up, but a generation with an abundance of gifts ready to be discipled in.