Today is officially book release day!  Head on over to Westbow Bookstore to pick up the first book in the series, "The Ones Who." I am so humbled from the initial feedback I have been getting from folks on social media. And also, so honored by those who shared about the book on their social media pages or by word of mouth.

It would be incredibly helpful if you can also leave a rating and review on the Westbow Bookstore website after you have read and received the book. This will help get the word out to others!

I would also love to see you and/or your little ones reading the book. Feel free to tag me on a photo on social media or shoot me an email at I will be making a readers collage on a future blog post.

And, of course, to the winners of the book giveaway! 📚

I initially had in mind only to give out one book on Facebook and one on Instagram. But, last minute, I decided to give out two on each social media platform!

Congratulations to the Facebook winners - Paul Olliges and Rhonda Hutchinson!

And Congratulations to the Instagram winners - Danielle Williamson and Christine Palm!

I'll be messaging you privately from my social media accounts.