Name: Nate Smith
Age: Geriatric Millennial
Birthplace: Norwich, CT
Hometown: That's a difficult one
Current: Oahu, Hawaii


How far back do we start? Nathaniel is my actual first name. My mom named me Nathaniel in hopes that my name would only be shortened to Nathan, but here we are. Everyone calls me, "Nate" except my mom, older brother and a couple of aunts.

Hometown? Hard to say. A written list of all the towns in I lived was on a friend's fridge, but I'm confident it's been thrown out by now. As a military kid turned pastor's kid, I have moved states roughly every 3 years. Post-high school, my parents settled in rural Georgia, and I continued a nomadic lifestyle. I did live in one state for a continuous decade, but even then I changed residences roughly every year. And now, somehow I landed in Paradise.

Professionally speaking, I am a mental health therapist. I've worked in a variety of places like emergency departments to psychiatric units to community settings working with fosters kids all the way to elderly folks. I like the diversity and often humbled by their stories.

This is a blog with a Christian-faith perspective. In order to keep this short and not make this long. I am on a faith journey with Jesus and best summed up by the Apostles' Creed. Beyond that, the nuances of my faith will come out in time. If you are curious and this means anything, I grew up Nazarene, went to an Anabaptist college for undergraduate studies and a Methodist college for my masters. I have attended churches from different denominational backgrounds including Nazarene, Vineyard, Baptist, Foursquare, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Acts 2:42 Network, Presbyterian, Catholic, non-denominational and home-based churches.


Torchbearer Bible Schools (Spain & England). Columbia Bible College (British Columbia). Asbury University (Kentucky). UpperRoom Online School of Ministry (Dallas).


Hiking. Concerts. Coffee shops. Running. Indie Films. Travel. Beach time. People watching. Avid podcast listener.

Blog Disclaimer:

This is my personal blog. The views, words, posts, thoughts, visions, and ideas represented here are my own, not who I work for or with, my family, the places I've lived or currently living or the sole voice of the Christian faith and community. These are some thoughts or personal revelations thrown out there for conversation, connection, amusement, and critical discourse, I seek to grant and receive grace.